Monday, December 31, 2012


Instead of dwelling on the setbacks in 2012 (Don't cry over spilled milk), I count all the blessings (Always look on the bright side) we have experienced including two wonderful road trips - Southward adventure in July and Kentucky Bourbon Trail in September.  These photos were taken from the Great Smokey Mountain train ride. 
We were riding along, then the train slowed down.  It came to a complete stop.  The conductor announced that there were tree branches on the tracks.  Good thing we had the iPad with internet connection.  After watching the man working on clearing the tracks, we sat back in our comfortable caboose.  I brought along two books (the real ones that I could hear the rustling sound of the paper while the pages are being turned).  I read while Ralphie checked the latest news on the iPad.   
The caboose (equiped with its own bathroom) was supposed to be for group rental with snacks and drinks for up to 12 passengers.  Since it was only himself and I, the train company provided two box lunches complete with chips and cookies.  We also got a basket of snacks, a cooler filled up with ice, water and soda.  We were given a walkie-talkie in case we needed to communicate with the conductor.  It was a great experience and we highly recommend it. 
I want to believe that the setbacks I have encountered 18+ months ago that had led me down this "bumpy" road and unexpected difficult turns, are just like the tree branches on the train tracks.  It is up to me to get the tools I need (like getting a certificate of legal studies), cut the branches into managable pieces (keeping a strong faith, a spirit of giving back with volunteer activities), move the branches off the tracks (be strong and not become discouraged) and get the train moving (getting back into the workforce) again. 

The tracks were cleared, the train started to move, and all was well againHere is to 2013 and to the coming years, no more tree branches falling on our train tracks!

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