Saturday, December 22, 2012


We made it - the sun is still shining, the earth has not been shattered into million of pieces by an asteroid and you are still reading my little boring blog (thank you very much) - the real world did not end and most importantly, I am still part of the blogosphere (I always thought it was "blogsphere" without the second "o"), posting (or rather writing boring stories) when I should be doing something productive!  (All these images are from Yellowstone National Park - September 2011).
Just for the records, these were my activities on that "fateful" day - Friday, December 21, 2012.  I got up (this in itself is already a blessing), then got ready to be at an organization where I have been volunteering after the Fall semester ended a few weeks ago.  I've helped three mornings each week until the end of December.  Then I got to prepare for the Spring semester starting the 2nd week in January.  There was no traffic and the lights were green all the way (I am trying to count only nice things).  It was sunny, clear blue sky and in the mid-40s.  (I always thought of September 11, 2001 when the sky was beautiful, "good flying weather" the captains of those airplanes probably reported.  Who would have thought such terrible event could happen on such beautiful day?)  Ok, let's count only positive things.  
I finished my volunteer work at noon and decided to walk to the park.  (Being able to walk on my own two feet is another blessing.)  After a quick lunch (a fish sandwich and a banana), I walked to the library.  A visit to the library always makes me happy.  After picking up a book I have reserved, I selected a few from the open stack.  I planned to read the reserved book first since I have to return it in two weeks and won't be able to renew because other patrons are on the long waiting list.  But if the world ended today, it wouldn't matter, would it?  
After the library, I was safely back in my poor humble but proud home!  Nothing bad happened and we are all still here, walking around on the face of the earth (well, except for those who were arrested and jailed by the government in China for spreading rumors about the doomsday).  BTW, the Lunar New Year is February 10, 2013 and it is the year of the Snake.  Therefore, December 21st on the Lunar calendar actually will be February 1, 2013 on the Western calendar.  (For those who are not familiar with Lunar v. Western calendar, ask Qaptain Qwerty for help as he is better at explaining than I am).  That is really a bummer for someone who looks forward to celebrating her 52nd birthday on February 1, 2013!!!!!!! 

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