Wednesday, December 12, 2012


 Did you do anything special on this 12th day of the 12th month in the year of 2012?  Since I am already married (23+ happy years), I could not be among the couples (9,000+ in the US) who had their weddings today.  I am (could) not pregnant so no baby of mine born today.  (And no boomer-rang kids coming back to live with us after college or grandkids either.)  I did buy lottery tickets.  Why not, we all have dreams and I hope my dream comes true!
I took an image of my cell phone at 10:11 while the battery was being charged.  I thought if I could not capture the time at 12:12 as I might miss it while running errands, then at least I still have the date 12.12.12.  I was able to get both images.  I am sure for most of us, it was just another day on the calendar.  I will admit that I thought something bad might happen so I was a bit nervous driving and being in the stores.  You never know where and when crazy things might take place.  Who would have thought that a movie theater, a shopping mall or even in the classroom could be a dangerous place to be!  
Happy the 12th - it is one in a lifetime event and I am sure glad to be here.

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