Tuesday, June 25, 2013


Benjamin found his long-lost twin when we were at an estate sale last Sunday.  It was so comical when my husband and I both yelled out, "Look!  Benjamin's long-lost twin" - (not really loud but enough for those around us to hear).  So we had to explain our (strange) excitement upon seeing a smiling yellow beanie baby.
Even though they are identical twin, we could tell which one is Benjamin NYC and which is Benjamin STL.  NYC has longer "hair" and leans backward, unable to sit up due to "an accident" (being dropped while TOTA was walking across a five-lane road - at Manchester and Ries).
STL has shorter hair and still has the same pose for when he used to play hockey for the Boston Bruins.
Talk about the Bruins - I am still stunned that the Bruins lost game 6 last night.  I did not really care whether the Hawks or the Bruins won the Cup.  As a hockey fanatic, I could not believe that the Bruins, leading the entire game, yet could not hold on - how long is 1 minute and 26 seconds?  It is less than a minor (2-minute) penalty.  The Hawks scored 2 goals within 17 seconds in the 3rd period and won the Cup because the Bruins fell apart!
My husband suggested that we get a cake to celebrate both Benjamin NYC and STL "unofficial" birthday and also the Hawks winning the Stanley Cup.  I think Ralphie just wanted to eat cake!

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