Sunday, June 09, 2013


 I went to a picnic yesterday with the paralegals association.  It was a perfect day for the outings, sunny, in the high 70s, light wind but only about 15 people attended.  I met a few more members and made good contacts.  As usual, I am the one with a camera taking photos for the event.  Actually I was asked to serve as a Historian for the Association but I had to decline.  I have learned to "budget" my time and not "spread myself too thin" which is hard to do - the "thin" part that is - haa haa.  There are a couple of birds flying around so I thought there must be a bird nest somewhere.  I looked up and saw the tennis ball (above photo).  How did it get up there?
 How did the ball get up there?  Even if you stood on the picnic table, you must at least 9-foot or taller to put the ball up there.
Here is the pavilion where the picnic took place.  Perhaps someone (or a park ranger) used a ladder when she carefully placed the tennis ball in the corner, between the beams.  What is your theory?

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