Tuesday, June 04, 2013


These days "foul words" are answers such as "I don't know", "I don't remember", "I am not personally responsible", "I was not there", and the "dirtiest" response would be "The video did it", given by individuals who were supposed to be in the leadership positions, yet these people don't seem to know what is going on under their watch.  You and I could never get away with this kind of attitude.  
If your boss asked you what happened to the shipment, would you say, "I placed the order but I don't know why it is not here"?  How about when the computer network was down and you being an office manager told the boss, "I don't what happened and I am not personally responsible"?  We should be outraged at the kind of arrogant, the "so what" attitude and the level of abuse.  It is time to clean house and get rid of the "stinky and smelly" debris.

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