Thursday, June 20, 2013


I was elected President of the Legal Studies Club at a Club meeting this week.  I was really looking forward to a debate (or two) and had many ideas for a dirty campaign!  But I was the only candidate and no one dared, well, nobody was foolish enough to take on the responsibilities.  I founded the Club early this year and have been planning, conducting and overseeing all the meetings.  I nominated other Club members for the positions of President-Elect, Vice President and Secretary/Treasurer.  We were officially elected by acclamations for a one year term. 
I prepared a short acceptance speech that reads, "My dear Legal Studies Club members, Thank you for your votes.  I am humbled by your trust and support.  I promise you that under my administration, I will uphold the Constitution, protect our Freedom and Liberty.  I will never abuse the executive power to cover up my incompetency, no illegal surveillance, or targeting any particular groups for political gains.  I will do my very best to be a competent leader.  I will always tell the truth, so help me God.  Thank you again for your support.  God Bless you, our Legal Studies Club and God Bless America." 
I have a question, "As president, would I still be able to get a tattoo and ride a Harley to meetings, instead of using Air Force One?"  My first executive order could be no more expensive golf outings, overspending vacations and unproductive oversea trips.  That would save lot of money and cut down our federal deficits.

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