Friday, June 07, 2013


It was cloudy this morning but then turned into a glorious sunny day.  These photos were taken last July (2012) on our Southward Adventure, driving the entire length of 470+ miles of Blue Ridge Parkway.  We visited my sister in Atlanta, Georgia and my husband's brother in Charleston, North Carolina and celebrated our 23rd wedding anniversary riding in a private red caboose on the Great Smokey Mountain train ride.  
I finished reading the Federal Rules of Evidence and the Missouri Revised Statutes (RSMo 490).  I looked over the assignment but don't feel like working on the questions right now.  There are 10 questions on evidence (direct or circumstantial) and the answers have to be whether the evidence is admissible or inadmissible and whether there are any exceptions.  The other 10 items on the assignment are statements (from the witnesses) and we have to identify whether they were hearsay and if exception applies and if so, which exceptions (policy exclusions or admission of a party opponent).    
One of the priests at our parish has been reassigned to another parish.  The new priest won't be arriving until mid-July.  He is finishing his study in Rome and he is only 27 years old!  I said to my husband, "We could have a 27 years old son who is a priest but then we would never know the joy of being grandparents!"  I guess you just can't have everything you want.  Happy Friday everyone and enjoy your weekend!

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