Saturday, October 10, 2009


Last weekend we attended Route 66 Festival at Old Chain of Rocks Bridge. We started on the Missouri side and walked the entire length of the bridge, 5,353 feet, a little over a mile each way, after we got to Illinois side, instead of taking the shuttle bus, we walked slowly back to Missouri side. It was a good exercise while admiring the vintage automobiles on displayed on the Bridge and taking in the view of the Mississippi River. (I highly recommend coming to this area with a large group of people or when an organized festival takes place. Search the web for more information about the Old Chain of Rocks Bridge and you will understand why you should never be here alone!)
Here is a bit of history from Trailnet website, "The Old Chain of Rocks Bridge was constructed in 1929 as a toll bridge. It became part of the now-historic Route 66 in 1936 and was purchased in 1939 by the City of Madison, Illinois. The opening of a modern free bridge 1,800 feet to the north led to a decline in revenue and ultimately the Bridge's closure in 1968. Demolition was planned in 1975; however, a steep drop in the value of scrap steel rendered it unprofitable to tear it down. Trailnet became involved in the project in 1997 when it initiated a restoration project to re-open the Bridge as one of the world's longest bicycle and pedestrian bridges."
Above - It was a great photo of the T-bird on Chouteau Island, with the background of Canal Bridge and the barge on the Mississippi River.
Below - A view of the Arch and downtown St. Louis from the Old Chain of Rocks Bridge.

Above - The T-bird with the Old Chain of Rocks Bridge, look closely you could see the 22 degree turn in the middle of the bridge. The Bridge is open year-round for hikers and bikers, but remember to be careful and for your safety, travel as a group.
Below - The T-bird with I-270 Bridge in the background.

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