Saturday, October 03, 2009


Greetings from Lebanon; that is Lebanon, Missouri, not Republic of Lebanon, a country in Western Asia, on the eastern shore of the Mediterranean Sea. (I don't remember where I heard this comment but it stays with me, "The man was so adventurous that he went to Beirut for vacation". It must be during the one month long 2006 Lebanon War between the Israeli military and Hezbollah.)
Continuing our Route 66 adventure, we drove to Lebanon, Missouri last week for its Route 66 Festival. One of the must stop is the Route 66 Museum and Research Center, located inside the Lebanon-Laclede County Library, The museum has an impressive collection of artifacts such as vintage maps, historic memorabilia, photos of the route when it was two-lane highways, replicas of 66-era diners with old fashion soda fountain, recreation of a room in a typical Route 66 motel, old time gas stations and so many collectors' items.
Here is a bit of history from the official webpage,, "As America expanded west from St. Louis, a road has always run through Lebanon, Missouri. At first it was just a rough Indian trail, as tribes like the Wyota and Osage roamed the Ozarks hunting for game. During the Civil War that trail became known as the “Wire Road” because of the telegraph lines installed along it between St. Louis and Springfield. Then, in the late 1920s, Route 66 was born and roughly followed that same path the Indians had marked. Today the road is called I-44." Lebanon is also known as "the aluminium boat capital of the world" with 6 factories manufacturing fishing boats and pontoons and Shepherd Hills Factory Outlet is being "the largest Case Knives dealer in the world".
Munger Moss Motel still has its famous sign of vintage motor court dating back to the heydays of Route 66. The Motel was open in 1946, changed ownership in 1971, is still in operation and famous for rooms that are decorated in Route 66 themes.
Below is a photo of Benjamin with a roadside attraction of a giant cow in a strip mall that features a restaurant with great steak. I think Benjamin was posing as if he was having a "staring contest" with the cow. Not sure how long it would take before either Benjamin or the cow would blink first - haa haa

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