Thursday, October 01, 2009


Here I am in St. Louis, wishing I was on my way to Stockholm, Sweden, where my beloved Detroit Red Wings will play two games against the St. Louis Blues at Stockholm Globe Arena. The games will be tomorrow, Friday, October 2nd and Saturday, October 3rd. Last time I checked both the Red Wings and the Blues websites, the air package offered thru the teams' travel agency was sold out and it was almost $3,000 per person, that includes roundtrip airfare from St. Louis or Detroit to Stockholm, transfers and luggage handling, four nights at the Nordic Light Hotel, lower level tickets to both games, motorcoach to see the teams practice, exclusive players meet and greet and a visit to Drottningholm Palace. So I ask you, "What Recession?". Who are the people that have the money during this difficult economic time, willing to pay for this "a once in a lifetime event"?

Next month, Steve Yzerman, #19, Da Captain of the Red Wings, will be inducted into the Hockey Hall of Fame in Toronto. Tickets for attending the induction was $550 per person or watching from the adjacent room for $350 per admission. Last time I checked, these tickets were sold out. Again, I ask you, "What Recession?".

I have been asking myself if we did not go on the Mediterranean Cruise last year, would I think twice about seeing my Red Wings play in Sweden and to witness Yzerman being inducted into the Hockey Hall of Fame? Would I be able to spend $6,000 (unless I go alone and leave my husband at home since he is not as fanatic as I am - hah!) without feeling guilty while there are so many people who lost their jobs, struggle to keep their homes and feeding their kids? If I were to spend the money whether going to Sweden or being at the Induction, it would be my hard-earned money or every dime and nickle I have saved. It is not like the politician who lectured American people about spending money they don't have, yet did not hesitate when making taxpayers (that is you and me) paying for security and an aircraft to fly him and his "lovely" wife into town for a dinner and Broadway show. So I ask you what change? It is the same "slick Willie" acts, just different clown playing the same part in the same circus!

I should stop whinning about a silly hockey game. I take comfort in the facts that St. Louis Blues is not an Original Six Team, so being in Sweden watching the games was not really all that special anyway!

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