Wednesday, October 07, 2009


May 6, 2009 - After spending time at the Brooklyn Botanical Garden, my sister CH and I visited The Brooklyn Pizza Factory to get something to eat as we were hungry but it was late afternoon and we had a dinner reservation at 7:00 p.m.

We were greeted by Vacchello who was the owner of this cute pizza place. I ordered a slice with mushroom and pepperroni and CH selected sausage and extra cheese. We both decided on the orange soda and drank straight from the cold bottles! We sat down at a table near a large poster of the Beattles. It was Wednesday afternoon and Vachello was not busy so he decided to stay and talk with us when he brought us the food. He asked where we were from and told us about his new business. We complimented his good food and the place was inviting for neighborhood gathering. We wish Vachello all the best and CH promised to come back soon since she lives around the corner. I told Vachello maybe someday he would expand his business nationwide be sure to include St. Louis!
The next day, after we ate breakfast at The Usual, (where Mike the owner gave me the Canadiens hat), we were walking along on Sterling Place, we heard someone said, "Hi Girls, where are you going?" It was Vachello. We said, "Hello. It was good seeing you again so soon.". We wished each other, "Have a good day". It was a wonderful day in Park Slope, Brooklyn. We met two nice people that providing services and sustaining the neighborhood, the kind of small businesses that keep the charm and connection within the people living in the community. The best part was I got a Montreal Canadiens hat from a real hockey fan - it sure was a beautiful day in the neighborhood!
I did not go into this Brooklyn Gourmet Market Place (on 86th Street) but it looks very nice and there were people in the place waiting in line when I walked by. Below is Pho Tay Ho, a Vietnamese restaurant, also on 86th Street in Bath Beach (not Bensonhurst, or somewhere in Brooklyn). The restaurant, Pho = beef noodle soup; Tay = West; Ho = Lake; is one of my family's favorite restaurant, a regular customer for delivery at least once or twice a month. Each time I visited Qaptain Qwerty, I enjoyed listening to my mother placing the order and then went on to tell the person at Tay Ho about "my older daughter and her American husband are visiting from St. Louis". One time when I met the delivery person at the door to pay for the food, he smiled and greeted me warmly, "Chi ve tham gia dinh vui ve = I hope you have a nice visit with the family." It made me feel as if I could move back and live in New York again with very little adjustments!

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