Saturday, October 17, 2009


It's official - 2009 summer is over. Being kids-free, our summer "technically" is extended thru the end of October or whenever we have to put on a sweater and a light jacket! We did not have to get ready for back-to-school or driving the kids to any after-school activities, so our definition of the end-of-summer is different. Last weekend, we continued our Route 66 adventure into Illinois towards Chicago and when we came upon the above sign of Route 66 Drive-In in Springfield, we reluctantly acknowledged that summer season was over.
Last June, my husband took me to my first drive-in movie. He wanted to give me an Americana experience. We went to the classic SkyView Drive-In Theater in Litchfield, Illinois. We saw the movie "UP". We brought along the lounge chairs, a cooler with soft drinks (no alcohol allowed) and purchased popcorn from the concession stand. We also brought the radio (tune to 95.5 FM) because we did not know how good the sound system would be coming from the vintage speakers on the stands. We sat outside the first half of the movie and went inside the car when it was getting cold. It was a fun experience but the little boy in the movie made me miss my nephew so much. Do you have any drive-in theater experience you wish to share?

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