Wednesday, October 28, 2009


Well, not wild beasts running around NYC for real, just two plaster scupltures of mean looking big cat and guard dog. I don't have any scary photos (for Halloween) to post for this week New York Wednesday Series, so these close up photos would have to do.
The 4+ years I attended Hunter College I never had time to walk leisurely around the block. With a full time job during the day and trying to take as many as evening classes that were available, I typically rushed from the subway (#6 train station right at the corner of 68th & Lexington) into the main campus, just enough time to get something to eat and double check on papers I was supposed to hand in or last minute reading assignments. Last May I took a trip down the memory lane by visiting my alma mater. I walked around the block, no longer rushing to class, then I looked up and for the first time, saw these plaster scupltures on the building right next to the main campus. Next time, I plan to buy a pretzel and a soda, from a street vendor that has been forever at the same corner, sit down on the steps, slowly removing all the salt off the pretzel, eat the pretzel, drink the soda and just watch the students rushing by, enjoying the moment, knowing I no longer have classes to attend or papers to submit, I already earned my degree as proof that I made it, here at Hunter College in New York City!

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