Saturday, June 18, 2011


A few weeks ago, my husband alerted me when he saw a yellow finch in our backyard. I only caught a glimpse of its brilliance yellow. The next few days I looked out the kitchen window, anxiously kept watch but "Yan" never came back. (I came up with the name "Yan" as a Finnish name for baby boy - it is perfect for a male yellow finch, don't you agree?) Hey QQ, are you impressed with my "punstering", finch = Finnish?

I went to a local Wild Bird Marketplace and bought the above feeder and a pound of "yummy food". The young lady at the store was very helpful, and she assured me that "Yan" and his friends will be visiting. I am very pleased to report that I have enjoyed many hours of "bird watching" since we put the feeder out under our patio. That was "Yvette" in the above photo. I learned that the male finch has bright yellow overall, black wings with white edging, black cap and forehead, pinkish orange, pointed and conical bill. The female, Yvette, has dull yellow (that is so unfair), dark, blackish wings with wingsbars and lack of streaking.

This little bird was checking out the "Communication Condominium" but decided not to sign the lease. We might have to hold another open house and lower the price. Perhaps we could add sports program including NHL Center Ice as an incentive to close the sale! (It would be difficult for me to get inside the mailbox to watch hockey games - haa haa).

The meeting on Tuesday, June 14th went well. I was calm and maintained a high level of professionalism. I felt good for standing up and defended my dignity and honor. I challenged the leadership to show that they are educated, smart business people of good characters, high values and will do what is right and honorable.It was a special treat when we saw the above red bird. Was it red-billed firefinch? Or cassin's finch?

I hope you enjoy these photos as much as I did (taking the photos and sharing these images with my faithful readers - haa haa).

I continued to attend daily morning Masses. (Fr. CD inspired me with his homily that instead of giving up something during Lent, we should be doing more like attending daily Masses.) I prayed for strength. (I don't pray, "God, please get that son of a B!{&#".) I don't want to be bitter or revengeful. My former boss in Michigan told me that "revenge often leaves a hallow victory". I still keep in touch with RJS because I have great respect for him. He is a man of characters, strong faith and he lifts up those around him.

It is a beautiful world and I am reminded that we should not let a few "rotten apples" ruin what is good. I am grateful for the support from my family, friends and even from those I never met (thanks, Alisa - for your kind words). I will be stronger and wiser.

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