Friday, June 24, 2011


As we are preparing for our Lincoln Highway adventure, I really appreciate all the modern convenience we have compared to the pioneers during their westward journey riding in a covered wagon with all their earthly possessions, down to simple necessities for cooking, cleaning/washing supplies, and everything might be needed. There were no hotels, no restaurants, no mobile phone and at times, there were no roads or passable routes. Oh, one more thing, there were no credit cards or ATM machine either!

Here are a few more items on the bucket/wish/to do list:

11. Volunteer to be a poll worker on Election Day (Done that - A few years ago, I worked as one of the judges at a local Election polling place);

12. Enjoy a minor league baseball game (I am not into baseball, so with the potential NFL lockout, I might have to start going to football games at local high school);

13. March in a parade (I might consider riding on a float on St. Patrick's Day, wearing a t-shirt that say "Don't kiss me, I am not a real Irish!);

14. Take a kid to Disney World (my nephew has already been there so many times - I have to think if there is a "well behave" kid I could take to Disney World);
15. Learn the second verse of our national anthem (done that);
16. Ride the Ferris wheel at a country fair (this would not go well with my motion sickness!);
17. Seek out the best Fourth of July fireworks (In 2005 when my nephew, JL who was 5 years old at that time, came to visit us, he sat on my lap while we were watching the fireworks in the park, JL unexpectedly turned around, put his arms around my neck and said, "I love you", then he kissed my cheek. That was the best fireworks in my life!);

18. Get a passport (done that);
19. Send a letter to your U.S. Senator or representative (done that);

20. Mail a care package to a service member (done that);

21. Make your own Halloween costume (maybe I will dress up as Chris Osgood complete with a goalie mask and a hockey stick);

22. Tailgate at a football game (we did at a Rams' game);

23. Go on a road trip. Choose a classic route: Route 66 (done that); the Pacific Coast Highway (done that); we still need to ride along the Great River Road, the Blue Ridge Parkway, the Great Lakes Circle tour, and Maui's Hana Highway.

More items in the next post.

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