Sunday, June 26, 2011


I took these photos a few weeks ago when we went to a classic cars show at the Museum of Transport. Summer is traveling time and also to do whatever you might not be able to do when it is cold. Below are the last few items from the Parade magazine (June 5, 2011) on Great ideas to try for this summer.

24. Explore America's ancient ruins (I did not know we have ancient ruins considering America is only 235 years old.) Recommended places are Cliff dwellings Mesa Verde in Colorado or Chaco Canyon, New Mexico;

25. Sleep beneath the stars in one of more than 50 national parks. (We plan to visit Yellowstone National Park in September but I prefer a real hotel room.)

26. Dip a toe into the Atlantic Ocean (done that when we were in Coney Island) and Pacific Ocean (done that in Santa Monica Pier);
27. Write a gratitude letter to a teacher who made a difference in your life (what if I don't have one?)
28. Bake a real apple pie - from scratch (I assisted my husband, does that count?)
29. Catch a concert by an American legend (We got tickets for a U2 concert on July 17th - wonder if he brings his checkbook to pay taxes!)
30. Appreciate fall's follage (done that many times - we got nice view driving in a convertible);

31. See a bald eagle soar (I am still bitter that we did not see that when we were in Alaska. It was as if the eagles all went to Florida!);

32. Admire the pyramids of Las Vegas (but they are so fake);

33. Plan a vacation - Have a wonderful summer everyone!

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