Tuesday, June 14, 2011


I was getting ready for work when the phone rang (actually it was my cell phone because like most people already did, we got rid of our land line), it was my husband asking if I could display the flag in front of our house. Usually CP would be in charge of "raising" the flag, but he was in a hurry to get to work early and forgot that Tuesday, June 14th was Flag Day. We noticed that our house was one of the few homes in the entire subdivision that consistently displayed the flag on major holidays.

As I displayed the flag, I thought how ironic that there would be a work-related meeting in the afternoon when I had to defend my dignity as a person and as an American citizen. (I am unable to share the details here. I will at the appropriate time in the near future.) The purpose of the meeting was to discuss an inappropriate behavior and unprofessional conduct by an individual inflicted upon me as I was doing my job at an event sponsored by the organization/my employer. I never care to play the race card nor playing a victim. But I do wonder whether after 31 years living in America, do people still see me as a helpless refugee/ an Asian immigrant, thus an easy target of harrassment? Do people see me as a foreigner speaking English with an accent and not a proud American?

Does the perpetrator/jerk believe that he would get away with his inappropriate behavior because I would not stand up for myself? Do other people look the other way because I was just a lowly office staff, especially being Asian, I should be used to being treated less? I might be a victim of unprofessional conduct but I would not allow myself to be victimized. This incident pales in comparison to our escape from Viet Nam, survived the boat journey, the refugee camp, starting over in New York City. I am fighting back. I am prepared for a long battle. I will overcome and I will be stronger. This is America and I am an American.

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Alisa said...

Oh! I'm sorry to hear someone treated you that way. I can see through your posts you are proud to be an American, and I'm sure we are better off for having you! :)


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