Thursday, June 16, 2011


Congratulations to the Boston Bruins on capturing the 2011 Stanley Cup championships. The Bruins played well and really dominated the series. I did not make any predictions or sharing which team I cheered for because I did not want to jinx the Canucks. Well, that did not make any difference. Not being Canadian, yet I was greatly disappointed that the Canucks could not bring Lord Stanley home. I love the Original Six but I would prefer the Canucks winning the finals over the Bruins.

It was painful to watch Game 7 last night (Wednesday, June 15th). Actually I had to be at the Board of Adjustment meeting starting at 7:00 p.m. (that was when the game started). I told the chairwoman that knowing that we needed five commissioners for voting, I gave up watching the 1st period of the game. I was promised a medal for commitment to civic duty! As soon as the voting was done, I said, "I had to be rude and get out of here. See you all next time." Usually we would hang around talking after the meeting but not when it was Game 7 of the Stanley Cup Finals.

I lost all hope when the Canucks allowed the shorthanded goal late in the 2nd period. I watched the traditional handshakes (one more reason why I love hockey - whether the players are forced to shakehand, it is still a great symbol of sportmanship) and the MVP and Stanley Cup presentation. I am still asking the questions most of hockey fans are trying to find the answers, "What happened to the Canucks? How could #22 and #33 and Luongo and the Canucks fell apart so badly?" I will tell Henrik Sedin, next time, go ahead and touch the President's Trophy already! Well, only 100+ more days before the next hockey season starts. I guest I could spend my spare time learning how to cook and improve on my house-keeping skills - NOT!!!!!!

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