Sunday, June 12, 2011


Back in April, I wrote about the robins (April and George) building a nest under our front porch. April would yell at us for disturbing her children when we went in and out of our house. I posted photos of the beautiful blue eggs and April's cute "kids" after the eggs hatched. My husband did not appreciate that after living "under our roof" rent-free and "all the worms" they could eat, the whole family left without a word of appreciation. It was worse that they left "stinky marks" all over our freshly painted porch. CP removed the nest, cleaned the area around it but a week later, CP found a few straws that looked like a foundation for another nest. To deter another "freeloader", CP placed an eagle book-end (top photo) at where previous nest was built.

We thought the eagle book-end was a clever idea! A few days later, we were surprised when we found a nest with two beautiful blue eggs (above photo) in the flower basket (photo below). The location of the nest was even closer to our front door compared to the previous location (enlarge the photo and you will see the eagle book-end where the other nest was built). Now we would be yelled at by the mother when we coming out and going into our house, and also we have to be extra careful when we water the flower basket. (It is getting to be more like "eminent domain" where the government taking away private property for the benefits of public interests.)Compared to April and George, May and Garry were much more aggresive and confrontational. A&G would fly away and yelled at us from the tree. M&G after flying away, would swoop back in an intimidating manner, while we walked from the front door to the driveway. Even when I already got into my vehicle, the bird would swoop by the car door, continuing to holla, "Get away from my kids. Or I am going to kick your sorry @$#!".

It got worse after the eggs were hatched. M&G increased their offensive tactics, flying low and in a ready-to-attack formation. One time, it swoop by my ear as I was standing between the glass door but did not open the main entry door quick enough to get inside. The neighbors must have a good laugh watching me "arguing" with the robins, "Who asked you to build your nest so close to our front door? This is my house and my flower basket. I am not afraid of you and your kind."

The only nice thing about the nest in the flower basket was the good photos I was able to take. When M&G were not around, CP took the basket down so I could take close up images. May also produced four eggs, just like her cousin, April. We did not take photos of the chicks out of respect for their "privacy". We watched and saw two baby birds screaming for food. Then we noticed that M&G were not around the next few days. Sadly, when we finally took the basket down and looked inside, we found a dead chick. We burried it in the backyard. What happened to the other chicks will be turned over to "Cold Case" detectives for further investigation.

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