Wednesday, June 22, 2011


My husband and I celebrated our 22nd Wedding Anniversary this month. I ordered a marble cake (our favorite choice instead of the white or yellow cake). I chose white icing and red lettering because red/white are the colors of the Polish flag, to honor my husband's heritage. The young lady at the bakery did a good job decorating the cake with the rings tied together.

My husband sent me the above beautiful basket of flowers. However, the order got mixed up and was not delivered to the office when it was supposed to. Turned out the delay caused the flowers to be delivered on the day after "the incident" took place. The flowers really made my day because I was very upset, not wanting to be at work yet trying hard to continue performing my job in a professional manner. It really made you believe that everything (delay of the delivery) happens for a reason (to remind me of the love from my husband and that I was not alone)!

I took the basket home and placed it on the kitchen counter so I could enjoy both the flowers while looking out the window watching Yan and Yvette (yellow finch). There were ups and downs in my marriage. There were good times and there were bad times. There are still not-so-nice times and I am still learning how to be a loving, supportive, respectful and prayerful wife to my husband. The last 22 years were not all wonderful and the next 22 years might not be smooth-sailing. Just for today, I am reminded of God's Blessings and take comfort in trusting that He will provide what we need and He will keep us together in faith and in love.

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