Friday, June 10, 2011


These photos were taken a few weeks ago when we drove around Forest Park after a visit to the Missouri History Museum. I noticed that the annual outdoor Shakespeare Festival was being set up, ready for its 4-week run of "The Taming of the Shrew" production. The free festival began in 1997. According to the website,, the festival employed renowned regional and national directors, stage designers and professional actors. I have never been to a performance because I thought it would be only community theatre actors. I guess I was wrong!

As I was taking the photos, a man who dressed like the fortune-seeker character Pertruchio yelled out, "Stop taking photos of the stage!" I responded, "It is an empty stage." He did not look happy at my comment. Pertruchio insisted that I stop taking photos because "it is all copyrighted." (You could hardly see the details in the photo since I was far away from the stage.) I smiled and walked away after saying, "Have a nice day" to Pertruchio. Perhaps someone would explain to me about this copyrighted when it is outdoor, free admission and the festival should be glad that I am promoting it by writing about the play in my blog.

I thought of Qaptain Qwerty and wonder if he would enjoy going to the festival. The Shrew will run from May 27th thru June 19th. You could either bring a picnic basket, coolers with your favorite drinks, (or purchase food/drinks/snacks from concession stands) a lawn chair (rental available) or a blanket. If we attended the festival and brought a blanket, my husband' snoring probably would drown out the actors on stage and we would get kick out of the festival!

The temperature has been in the upper 80s with lot of promise of a typical hot and humid St. Louis summer. I decided to get a pedicure so I could wear these shoes I just bought last week. With new shoes and a pedicure, I feel I am ready for summer!

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