Monday, March 18, 2013


These photos were taken in late February when we had the big snow storm.  It was Thursday, Feb. 21st to be exact.  My class was cancelled since the entire campus was shutdown.  He Who Had Two Cool Vehicles but had to borrow my "not so cool but practical" front-wheel drive Mazda "Luc" to get to work.  (The Mustang with its wide tires would not provide traction on the slippery roads and the T-bird is for summer driving only.)  The snow started around 900 hours and by noon time, the backyard was completely covered with a blanket of snow.  The next day, the coughing started and for the next 10 days, I was stuck in the house, feeling miserable.   
I did not have much sleep because of the constant coughing.  I kept moving from the lazy-boy to the sofa in the family room, then to the sofa in the front room, back to the bed trying to get some rest without much luck.  I even tried standing up against the kitchen counter hoping the coughing would subside while closing my eyes to get a few minutes of sleep - it did not work!  It was so frustrating and draining from the lack of sleep and the exhaustion from coughing.  After I finally got well, but then my husband started his coughingI am pleased to report that we are currently enjoying sort-of good health. 
We had heavy rain over the weekend and the temperature was in the upper 30s.  I think we have enough snow and winter weatherI am ready for spring but not the typical hot summer days in St. Louis.
(I sure hope no one will try to steal our St. Francis statue because of the new Pope Francis.)     

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