Monday, March 25, 2013


Looking at our backyard on Sunday, March 24, 2013, I thought we were back in MichiganThe prediction was it would start snowing at midnight on Saturday but it was late arrival, not until almost 700 hours on Sunday morning when the snow began to fall.  It was gently spreading around the ground and after a few hours, our backyard was covered with the white fluffy snow. 
 I was a little concern that the tree branches with the snow kept piling up would break and fell on the power lines and we would lose power.  (My husband told me to stop being such a worrywart.)  I made sure to fully charge my laptop and the iPad, and as long as the cable was working, we could still have access to the internet.  I forgot how life was before all the technology and its wonderful tools to challenge the human mind!  
The snow had turned the rusted "brown" fence into a white painted fence - that was the proof of how much snow we had from this "biggest snow storm in 30 years" - and that was what the weather people said.  The campus shutdown again, my Monday class was cancelled and I am keeping warm inside the house.  I have plenty of things to do, reading assignments for Thursday Research class and more reading for next Monday Civil Trial.  I am hoping to get an internship for the summer.  It is a bit strange for a geezer at my age (52) to try to gain experience thru an internship.  But when you are forced to sort-of start over, to get your foot-in-the-door to jump-start a new career, I guess you have to do whatever you could to make lemonade when life gave you a rotten lemon!

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