Wednesday, March 20, 2013


How appropriate that I spotted this "STOPUCKS" license plate in the parking lot across the ice rink.  Of course, where else would someone from Canada, most likely a hockey fanatic like me, be but at a hockey game.  In 2007, I was able to cross off "Visit Hockey Hall of Fame" on my Bucket List.  I had a great time there.  I would have spent the entire day at the Hall if my husband did not "drag" me out of the building!  The gift shop did not have as many Original Six items as I expected.  I had fun participating in the interactive games.  I put on the goalie mask (it was heavy and uncomfortable) trying to stop shots from Mark Messier - I stopped one out of the 10 shots, not too bad, eh?  I did better with shooting against Eddie Belfour - I scored three goals and each time my husband would yell "She scores" - we sure had a great time.  My next item on the Bucket List would be to see the Habs in Montreal (had to be the Original Six game), then take the train to Toronto to see the Leafs, again has to be an Original Six game - I hope to reach this goal before my 70th birthday!!!!!     

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