Friday, March 15, 2013


Perhaps the title "Which way" would be more appropriate for these photos of this praire dog looking left and then right, unable to decide which direction to proceed.  That is how I have been feeling lately.  Even though I am occupied with school, volunteer activities, and job search, somehow it feels as if I am just "sitting on the dock watching the ship going by"!
This week Spring Break is almost over.  I met Himself for lunch today.  The KOC Hall where He "who has been third-degree knight for over 10 years" works, also serves lunch in addition to the regular Fish Fry on Friday evenings.  (I told Ralphie that if I were a man/knight, I would already be a Supreme Knight a long time ago.)  We both have catfish, green beans, lemonade and a piece of cake.  After lunch, I took "Luc" to a car wash.
School starts next week with Civil Trial Procedures on Monday and Legal Research on Thursday.  I am almost done with the first three chapters, Litigation, Parties and Jurisdiction, Informal Fact Gathering and Investigation; still have to review Missouri Supreme Court Rules 51-52 and 54.  I looked over The Bluebook (rules for legal citation) and it looks so intimidating.
We went to see the movie "Oz" and I ate a whole bag of popcorn.  It was fresh, warm and lot of butter.  Ralphie said the movie was full of "cheap tricks" to compensate for the lousy acting.  I was busy eating popcorn so I did not know what the story was about anyway! 

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