Friday, May 03, 2013


What exactly is the purpose of having a breathalyzer on your key chain?  Unless you are planning to drink heavily and want to make sure your blood alcohol level does not go over the legal limitSo you could conveniently check your breath using the Breathalyzer on your key chain and then put the key into the ignition and start driving.  What if you are so drunk and would not know or even see the alcohol level stating that it is way over the limit?
Last month, a drunken fool in a pickup killed two people (grandparents) and injured 2 (mother and 10-day old baby), when the fool slammed into the family while they were simply enjoying a family walk in the afternoon in their neighborhood in Wedgwood, Seattle.  The fool was a repeated offender with two prior arrests since October 2012.  According to the report that the blood draw evidence in this case could be thrown out because of a recent U.S. Supreme Court decision out of Missouri.  (I actually attended a presentation and met Missouri Supreme Court Justice last month and she mentioned about the ruling that the police must get a warrant to take blood in a suspected DUI crash.)
I received the above advertisement in an email sent to my college account.  Is this what high education is about - providing the tools for students to get around the law instead of taking responsibilities?
I plan to report to the college this kind of "idiotic" advertisement and also follow closely the Seattle court decision.  I will provide update in future posts.  Please feel free to share your comments on either the advertisement or the court case.   

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