Sunday, May 26, 2013


Not sure if I already posted these photos taken last Thanksgiving (2012).  We did not make a pie this weekend.  I am just thinking of our upcoming road trip.  We usually take a break after a couple of hours driving.  We like to stop by a mom-and-pop restaurant for homemade pie.  Of course, you got to have coffee with the pie.
It was a perfect day in STL, sunny, breezy, in the mid 70s.  Ralphie went golfing in the morning.  I did not get up until 800 hours.  We already attended evening Mass yesterday.  We decided that we needed to get Dim Sum since it has been awhile.  After that, we went to a few Estate Sale.  You could always tell who the homeowners were, what they did for a living before they passed away or had to move into the nursing home, and even what their political affiliation.  We enjoyed going to wealthy home in Ladue or Town and Country.  It always amazes me to see the amount of "stuff"  one family (or one person) accumulates.  I usually look for office supplies to purchase to donate to a local organization.  I saw an engraved picture frame that reads, "Happy 50th Anniversary Mom and Dad.  Bobby, Jack and Caroline."  It was marked for $5.  Sunday is half-off, so it was $2.50! 

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