Friday, May 31, 2013


QQ wrote about pedestrians walking in the bike lane where walking lane clearly marked and about people standing (blocking) the bike lane.  My pet peeve is when two or three people walking together, blocking the entire the sidewalk.  They see you approaching but they don't care.  When you politely said, "Excuse me", they acted as if you were the one that caused the problem.  They gave you the look, "How dare you ask us to make room for you.  We owe the sidewalk.  Walk on the street or on the grass instead."
How about those people who congregate in the hallway or by the doorway?  I remembered a few occasions at the office building where I used to work.  Two men and one woman gathered in the hallway, right in front of the women's restroom.  They saw me coming, yet when I asked them to move so I could get into the restroom, they looked at me as if saying, "Just hold it, we are not done with our important conversation."  I could hear them talking after I finally fought my way into the restroom.  They were talking about some television shows!
Another pet peeve that would take the cake for lack of common sense.  There was a smoker who refused to use the smoking designated area (the 25 ft. rule) away from the building openings.  I was coming back to the office from shopping for snacks and drinks for committee meetings.  This particular smoker thought he was being thoughtful when he opened the door for me (the automatic door opener did not work, again!), but while he was holding the door, he also blew smoke at my face!  I said thanks and he had a big smile on his face as if he just saved my life (while killing me with his second-hand smoke!).  I wish I could tell him, "Go jump into the lake" because he is not doing me any favor holding the door for me!

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Linus Ly said...

"Give me room or give me death", said Patrick Henry. Very appropriate vanity plate.


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