Friday, May 24, 2013


We went to a Cardinals game last weekend.  (Come to think of it, we did not go to any game last year.)   It was sunny, in the mid 80s with frequent gentle breezeOur seats were in section 170, next to the left field landing.  We were in row 13 and completely out of the sun.  Others around us were families with kids and grand kids.  We shared peanuts and popcorn like a big happy family.  The tickets were part of the fundraising efforts from an organization that provide counseling and legal assistance to kids from families that are going thru divorces.  We had a great time at the baseball game while supporting a good cause.  The Cardinals won 4-2. 
There were four young people sitting a few rows in front of us.  They looked too young to be drinking beers.  We thought of reporting them because they might be using fake photos IDs to purchase drinks.  The young ladies spent most of the time with their phones taking photos then texting to their BFFs on "Buttbook" (I heard this term from someone).
Ralphie took a vacation day today.  He has been working long hours since the previous manager quit last October and the new manager who came on board since March still learning the ropes.  We are not planning any road trip this Memorial weekend.  Last Sunday was only the 2nd time Ralphie went golfingHe Who Has a few pars likes to search for balls that have fancy logos.  He plans to golf everyday this 4-day weekend.
Enjoy the first long weekend of the summer and don't forget to display the flag!

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