Saturday, May 04, 2013


Benjamin is very happy since he got a big payout today from the bet on the horse named "ORB" to Win, Place and Show.  Well, ORB ran around the muddy track to win the 139th Kentucky Derby race and now Benjamin is on his way to collect the money from "Owen the Big Bookie"!  (These photos were taken from our Bourbon Trail road trip last September.)
It has been raining the last three days.  It was sunny and comfortable on Thursday morning but became cloudy when I came home late afternoon from a seminar that provided free lunch.  (My husband makes fun of how I only go to events, especially open house at retirement homes, just to get free lunch.  He said that I knocked down old ladies when the dessert tray being passed around.  I told him that desperate time calls for desperate action.  Being unemployed, I have to do whatever I could to survive and to put cookies in my mouth!).
Good thing I brought a sweater with me since it was cold in the library.  This week, we had a research assignment instead of the regular class.  It was pouring and in the lower 40s when I walked from the library to the parking lot.  It rained all day on Friday.  I stayed home, completed and submitted both the library research paper and civil trial assignment.  I allowed myself a break watching recap of the Stanley Cup playoffs games.  Then back to getting ready for the final exams next week.
It rained in the morning and stopped but remained cloudy.  We stayed home all day.  In between studying, I tried to reorganized the storage area in the basement, getting ready for the next shredding event.  I found a lot of interesting items and will be sharing what I found walking down the memory lane. 

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