Wednesday, September 30, 2009


Before we left New York, Benjamin wanted to take a few photos so he could show his new friends in St. Louis special landmarks that regular tourists don't get to see when visiting the Big Apple. Park Slope, Brooklyn, is where my sister CH has been living for more than 10 years. Her condominium is only a block from #2 & #3 subway line. A few blocks away are the Brooklyn Library, the Brooklyn Museum of Art and the Brooklyn Botanical Garden. CH said that purchasing the condo has been the best decision in her life. Park Slope has much to offer to young people, single or married with children, and it is only a few subway stops from Manhattan where real estate is so much higher.

Above is The Soldiers' and Sailors' Arch at Grand Army Plaza. According to Wikipedia, "Originally known as Prospect Park Plaza, but renamed in 1926,[2] it is perhaps best known for the Soldiers' and Sailors' Memorial Arch, Brooklyn’s version of the Arc de Triomphe. It is also the site of the Bailey Fountain and a monument to John F. Kennedy, as well as statues of Civil War generals Gouverneur Kemble Warren and Henry Warner Slocum, along with busts of notable Brooklyn citizens Alexander J.C. Skene and Henry W. Maxwell.[3]

The Quadriga - Columbia in her chariot (below). "The Quadriga resides at the top and depicts the lady Columbia, an allegorical representation of the United States, riding in a chariot drawn by two horses. Two winged Victory figures, each leading a horse, trumpet Columbia's arrival. The lower pedestals facing the park hold the Spirit of the Army group and the Spirit of the Navy group. Installation of the groups began four years later, starting with the Quadriga on December 4, 1898, and finishing with the Navy group on April 13, 1901. The work took nearly seven years to complete, about twice as long as the construction of the arch itself. The arch is 80 feet high (23 m) and 80 feet wide with an interior arch height of 50 feet (15 m).", according to Wikipedia.

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