Monday, January 04, 2010


I made my weekly visit to the library on Saturday, December 26th and picked up the book, Just One Restless Rider - Reflections on Trains and Travel, photographs and essays by Carlos A. Schwantes. The author is Endowed Professor of Transportation at the University of Missouri-St. Louis. My nephew JL loves trains and I am fond of the rail travel that offers the romance of yesteryear and the unhurried mode of getting to places.
"The juxtaposition of classic station architecture in Strasbourg, France, with the clean lines of modern railway cars makes a statement about the railroad as art. The date is July 2002."

One of the blogs I have been following and enjoy reading is "Displaced American" (I mentioned about our connection in previous post dated Feb. 8, 2009). In her December 30th post, Alisa wrote about the trip she and her family took on Sunday, December 27th to Strasbourg. As I read her blog, I thought, "Did someone I knew also took a trip to Strasbourg, France?". Then I remembered it was from what I read in the book "Just One Restless Rider". Coincidence or ????? - you decide!

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