Wednesday, January 13, 2010


To commemorate my family 30th anniversary coming to America, I have been posting images of the American flag in various places around town-St. Louis, along Route 66, and I plan to post images from Grand Haven, Michigan, New York, Alaska, Colorado and all other towns I visited. Many people have posted on their blogs images of the above barn in an open field with the American flag painted on the side facing Route 66 in Nilwood, Illinois. One blogger called the image, "Patriotic Barn". To me, an old barn with the American flag is so beautifully Americana.
Above - Ariston Cafe in Litchfield, Illinois, was built in 1931 and still is serving good food and delicious homemade pies to anyone who seeks a real meal like Mom's cooking.
Above - The Unveiling of the Awakening sculpture in October 2009, Chesterfield, Missouri. It was a well-attended event and I had the opportunity to meet the artist, Mr. J. Seward Johnson, Jr. The Awakening is on permanent displayed also at the National Harbor in Maryland and at Piazza Marconi in Rome.
Below - A roundable in the town center, Carthage, Missouri.

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Alisa said...

Happy 30th anniversary of coming to America!


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