Sunday, January 17, 2010


What happened? Only mid-January and I already broke one of my New Year Resolutions. Well, I actually did not have any resolutions, I just thought I would try to set a record with 365 posts in 2010. Then I remember that blogging should be fun and not setting meaningless target or turning it into some kind of competition such as which blog gets the most followers (I would never get anywhere in this category), being the most interesting blog (Fuhgeddaboutit), or to be selected by Blogs of Note (I think this is more a curse than blessings). So what has kept me so busy that I have not blogged since Wed. January 13th? The whole week went by so fast starting with attending City Council meeting on Monday, January 11th when I shared my American story of coming to America 30 years ago. I received a nice applause from the people in the audience. On Wednesday, January 13th, I did not get home until almost 9:30 p.m. from a business meeting, after already putting in a full day at the office.

On Thursday the 14th, I did not feel like blogging after dinner. Friday the 15th, I decided to watch a Jackie Chan movie with my husband. Recently, CMP discovered the joy of borrowing DVDs, instead of books, from the library. Then came the weekend, there was nothing more important than NFL Playoffs beginning on Saturday. Sadly, Kurt Warner and the Arizona Cardinals did not make it against the Saints. I was happy that the Colts eliminated the Ravens 20-3, no surprise there!
Sunday, we went to the Old Chain of Rocks Bridge for Eagle Days. I took the photo below using my new Canon camera with the maxium zoom, 50 yards from the bridge.

We had a great time but I did not want to miss the Cowboys v. Vikings game at 1pm. I was also able to catch the Red Wings/Blackhawks game - it was an exciting game that went into overtime with Datsyuk and Bertuzzi scored two beautiful goals but the Wings lost in the 2nd shootout. I was pleasantly surprised when the NY Jets beat the Chargers 17-14.

The whole week went by so fast and a good, exhausting weekend with so many football/hockey games to watch. I sure hope my adoring fans will forgive me for not blogging often since the NFL playoffs continue this weekend, the Superbowl on Sunday, February 7th and pretty soon the NHL playoffs will begin. Life is good :)

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