Tuesday, January 05, 2010


Almost fifteen years later, my husband still proudly talks about the "prize" he won from Sears during their Customers Appreciation Weekend in 1995. I am only glad that the "prize" was not the "leg lamp" as in the Christmas Story movie. The above photo of our front door was the "prize" from the drawings CMP entered during one of his weekly visits to Sears. Actually, just the week before, we talked about replacing the front door and my husband mentioned that he already picked out the design and just waiting for the store to put the item on sale. Talk about "divine intervention", the door CMP wanted was one of the prizes the store was giving out!

A few years ago, I purchased the above banner of the angels announcing the birth of Christ. We usually hung the banner above the mantel in the family room. This year, we decided to place a wreath there and moved the banner to the entrance hall. Last Sunday as we were enjoying breakfast from the dining room, I commented how beautiful the sun was shining thru the front door. Then we both saw how the shadows on the left and right top corners reflected from the patterns etched on the glass formed the image of the angels, the bottom shadow looks like the hill leading to the stable, with the frame serving as the entrance to where the Holy Family stayed. I am not saying our humble home was visited by the Holy Spirit. I only know for sure where the banner will be placed during Christmas season from now on.

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QaptainQwerty said...

So the door prize that CMP won was actually a door, eh?


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