Sunday, January 31, 2010


Another week has gone by, soon the first month, January, of the year will also be "gone". Where did the time go? What have I done the last few weeks? Not much, just the same old routines, 8+ hours at the circus, watching hockey games on ESPN and Versus or spending time in cyberspace in the evenings, then football (NFL playoffs) and taking care of errands on the weekends and dreaming of winning the lottery so I never had to put up with all the clowns, the donkeys, and the bulls at the circus ever again!
This is not a good week for the Red Wings and it does not look like it will get better. For the first time, I don't look forward to NHL post-season match-ups. What happened TOTA, we thought you were hockey fanatic? My ailing beloved Detroit Red Wings, is what happened. It was painful to watch the team struggles, even against lousy team like the Coyotes. It was not the first time that the Wings had a 2-point leads going into the third period, unable to maintain the leads, only to either loss in overtime or shootout. The last five games, the Wings had blown the chance of victory despite of having third-period leads. This time last year the Wings maintained a comfortable top spot, currently they are chasing other teams just to get into the last playoffs spot. It is killing my hockey spirits knowing that the Wings might not even make it into the playoffs this year. Well, I will try not to think about the Wings right now, I will think about it after the Superbowl. On a positive note, I have been pretty good at picking the winning teams for the NFL playoffs the last few weeks. (Another reason why I am depressed - my beloved New England Patriots, defeated by the Baltimore Ravens, could not get into the playoffs either.) I could have pocketed a few dollars if the guys would agree to place their bets. They all said that when it comes to football and hockey, they would have not any chance of winning against me! (The photo below represents what I love, America/American flag/National Anthem and hockey/Detroit Red Wings.)
I was looking for photos of bicycle rides as a way to provide moral-distance-support to Qaptain Qwerty and found these photos taken last December of the new I-64 Grand Opening. According to MoDOT, more than 2,500 people (we were among these brave souls) participated in the ceremony by walking, running, bicycling, dancing and some doing aerobic on exercise mats in the middle of the freeway. Last year, we also attended the first half opening and it was a lot of fun to be able to walk (it was the only time) on the freeway. I also like to watch the American flag, up high on the ladders, waving in the wind against the blue sky, courtesy of the fire department.

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