Friday, January 08, 2010


I am so relieved the work days of this week have come to an end. (Yes, I know I should just say TGIF - Thanks God It's Friday - but it would be so cliche, and I dislike overused cliche.) It was still not hectic at work but try getting back to the routine of a 5-day work week after two short weeks of holidays was not easy. Then yesterday, Thursday, we had the first snow fall of the year. The snow started on Wednesday night and by the next morning, the whole town was covered with snow, about 5 inches with freezing temperature in the single digit. The above photo, taken using my new Canon camera, shows our backyard under a blanket of snow. (I followed the advice of Qaptain Qwerty and set the images down to 4 mega pixels. Thanks, Qap.) Traditionally we take down the ornaments, the Christmas tree, and the Nativity after the Epiphany (the Feast of the three Kings) which was last Sunday, January 3rd. My husband placed the Nativity on the patio but the snow came, covered up the three Kings before CMP had time to move everything into the shed.
By the time I ventured out on the road, traffic was very light and most of major streets were clear. I did not encounter any major problems going home in the evening. The strong wind started around 8 and from my home office, I could hear the window rattling and at times as if someone was tapping on the glass.
The drive into work this morning was not too bad, just a few slick spots and I had to time the traffic light when going up the hill. The parking lot was still empty with most of the people in the building just took another day off. Tomorrow, I plan to get up late, stay inside all day to resume my quest of clutter-reduction and setting goals/projects for 2010. Sunday, January 10th, we plan to celebrate my 30th Anniversary coming to America.

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