Saturday, January 30, 2010


Here is my Show and Tell weather report - freezing cold temperature, the proof is in the bottom photo showing the icicles hanging on the evergreen and the fresh snow on the ground from last night. You could tell that we have a very active backyard from the cute footprints of a rabbit, a bird and a cat or a small dog, on the fresh snow. Mind you, we don't live out in middle of nowhere farm land. Our backyard faces a rather busy street connecting the main road (MO-100) and secondary road, yet we have had the pleasure of "hosting" a fawn being born and a whole town of rabbits running around. (We provided shelter and food for both mother and child, but they never visited at Christmas nor even sent an email to say hi.)
I thought the photo below of the snow on our half-dead apple tree looks like a frozen smile on a face of an old person. What do you think it looks like? This summer, we plan to cut down this tree and plant another one but we have not decided on what kind of tree. Any suggestions?
I plan to go out later to a book sale at the library. I promise I will not make any new purchases without giving away the same quantity from my bookshelves. I probably should stop by the department store to get us new pillows. Perhaps I should spend a few more dollars to get the types that would provide therapeutic support. Any recommendations?
I will be back later with additional reports. This is TOTA, signing off from a freezing cold Saturday morning in St. Louis!

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