Wednesday, January 06, 2010


My husband gave me a new camera, Canon PowerShot SD980 IS, and a pearl necklace, as Christmas presents. I am still learning all the features, the camera that is! It has a 3" touch screen, 12.1 Mega Pixels and 5x zoom and my husband added a 4GB ScanDisk, plenty of memory for taking photos when we ride on Route 66! It seems that the last three years, each Christmas my husband presented me with a new camera. I appreciate my husband being thoughtful in getting me these cameras seeing how I enjoy taking photos (i.e. gums on the sidewalk). Or could be because he was trying to make up for the time when he gave me a new vacuum cleaner and another time, a waffle maker for birthday presents. I know we should all be practical but I would rather be given a big box of chocolate and gain 20 lbs than a birthday gift so I could do cleaning!
Come back soon as I will post photos taken with the new camera.


QaptainQwerty said...

I strongly recommend setting the megapixel down to 4 instead of leaving it at the default 12. A 12-megapixel picture would be nice if you want to make a poster out of it, but chances are you don't even print them out on 4x6 that often. As a result, you have all these huge files that take longer to sync to the computer, or to put on CD, or to upload to blogs, or to email to friends. Bigger isn't always better.

Top-of-the-Arch said...

Thanks, Qap, for your recommendation. I set the megapixel down to 4 and the photos still look pretty good. I am learning more about other features. About "Bigger is not always better", are you sure? That is not waht CMP telling me the last 20 years ** HAA HAA ***


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