Saturday, January 09, 2010


Thanks to Jeremiah - for sharing the article about the Final Party at Tavern on the Green - Ringing in the New Year one last time at Tavern on the Green. [DJ], "It ended, as it all began, in a rush of light. But even the brilliance of its mirrored corridors, twinkling trees and shimmering heirloom chandeliers could not avert the bankruptcy blackout of Tavern on the Green." Reading from the article that people paid $125 to $500 to attend the party, I don't feel too bad paying that overpriced breakfast on New Year Day in 2008 now that this famous landmark in New York City Central Park had vanished. But then again, we would never have the opportunity to enter the Private Dining Room (below photo). As reported, "The name-ownership issue has been a flash point in Tavern’s bankruptcy case since the name — which has been appraised at $19 million — is potentially the restaurant’s most valuable asset.", I feel so special that I ate, even just once, at a place that worth $19 million just for its name!
According to the article, "And the restaurant’s vast, glitzy assemblage of candelabras, samovars, weathervanes, sculptures, murals, prints, lighting fixtures, topiaries and other eccentric assets are all to go on the auction block in a three-day sale in Tavern by Guernsey’s Auction House, scheduled to begin Jan. 13. ". With all the problems we are having with travelling, I don't think I will make the trip to NYC for that auction! Besides I was supposed to strive towards being clutter-free and let go of meaningless earthly possession. I think the credit card receipt is good enough as a souvenir from a place once was known as Tavern on the Green at Central Park!

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