Tuesday, September 22, 2009


We had a fantastic weekend (actually I did, more than my husband) starting with seeing the Colorado Avalanche visiting on Friday night, then another game on Saturday of the Dallas Stars without a chance to see Mike Modano (I was so very disappointed). There were other activities around town prior to the evening game including the St. Louis Blues Annual Fanfest when the fans had the opportunity to get autographs and get up close and personal with the players. The Great Forest Park 2009 Balloon Race also took place on Saturday and we took a lot of neat photos of the balloons. (You know how much I love watching the balloons flying up into the big open sky.)
Come back later this week for more photos of the balloons in the St. Louis Friday series post. We already planned for next year that we would take the Friday afternoon off to get a good spot for the Balloon Glow on Friday evening. Then on Saturday we will have a picnic and spend a whole day in the park. Just hope the weather will be as nice like this year.
Above photo of the fans waiting to get autograph from the goalie Ty Conklin (he was with the Red Wings last season). The two lovely young ladies with perfect hairdo, polished nails and make up, welcoming Conklin to St. Louis. I wonder how many real hockey fans walking around the arena in high heels like these lovely young ladies who probably had other agendas than hockey games!
After the game, actually after the 2nd period, my husband requested (more like begging) that we should leave. I agreed since it was pre-season game and watching hockey two days in a row would be a torture for my husband (or anyone) who is not as fanatic as I am. We stopped by Citygarden and took the photo below. Come back later and I will share a "what if" or "it could have gone badly" story that you would find scary.

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