Wednesday, September 02, 2009


Another blog that I enjoy reading is Paz New York Minute. The photos in this blog are really nice and I found that we share a few common interests. We both took a lot of street photos. I took above photo of a diner on 23rd street near Union Square and subway performer (below) from my recent trip to NYC last May. Look thru Paz blog and you will find some similaries in the photos we both have posted.
Paz wrote about the owl on the building in her neighborhood; I wrote about the owls at the Barn here in St. Louis and the one I saw (below) in Park Slope while walking around my sister's neighborhood.

I took photos of art work around the stations (above photo is from #2, 3 at Grand Army Plaza station) and different subway lines, showing the imazing connection of the underground system. Paz recently posted scenes around the subway station after the Yankees game. We both like to look for architetural details of the buildings. I especially like real old buildings that still have their charm and secrets.
Paz likes to post photos of flowers and she even had a post about forgotten balloon. Now, that is really a strange coincidence because my faithful followers knew about my obsession with balloons getting stuck on the power lines and how I write passionally about such subject. Please do visit Paz New York Minute - I am sure you will agree that it is a nice blog.

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