Tuesday, September 01, 2009


I am a day late with my August Progress Report on my goals to be clutter free and simple living. That is the story of my life, "A day late and a dollar short".

Last Saturday I made my weekly trip to drop off items at a local Charity Thirft Shop. As I handed the item to the lady, I said, "This is a brand new dress. I bought it but never worn". She responded, "That is what happened to Compulsive Shoppers", as she took the lilac dress that I purchased 20 years ago while shopping for my wedding dress. Why did I keep the lilac dress all these years? It was one of those "I wear it when I lose 50 lbs" clothing items. I smiled, did not say anything else, went back to my car and drove away thinking, "Me, a compulsive shopper?" I hate shopping, especially for clothes. Ask my Mother and she would tell you way back when we were in Viet Nam, how much trouble I gave her every time she tried to buy me clothes or forced me to wear girly dresses.

The last time I went to a shopping mall was over six months ago and it was because a bookstore just opened a new location inside the mall. I bought a few clothing items now and then but could not stand wasting time wondering from store to store looking for bargains or the latest fashion.

I am proud to report that I have more room in the dressers, in the walk-in closet, no more trying to shove stuff into tight shelving units, and there is also so much space in the closet in the guest room. I am putting aside winter jackets and coats for the annual winter coats drive at our church. Next I plan to give away blankets and quilts. I also need to take a serious look at stuff in the dinning room. Two people do not need more than 2 sets of dishes.

Compulsive shopper? I am not but making compulsive purchase, yes I have been guilty many times. Last year when the St. Louis Blues offered 10-game plan and fans could pick any games, not pre-selected package, in less than 15 minutes, I spent $2,000 for 2 club seats that included 3 Red Wings games, one game each of the Bruins, the Rangers, the Penguins, the Canadiens, the Devils, the Flyers and the Canucks. The only thing I could say about this "sinful" spending is that all eight teams made the playoffs and of course, the Stanley Cup re-match between the Wings and the Pens. Another compulsive purchase was made at the 2006 Superbowl, in addition to the tickets, we spend a few hundred dollars just on hats and shirts.

Looking back I don't feel bad that we did not go on any vacation this year. We had our time in the sun, like the Mediterranean Cruise and extra time in Rome last year. I guess there is no need to cry me a river because we had fun just from driving along Route 66 this summer and on weekends looking for public sculptures in our community. Time is tough and we just have to find way to have fun while keep going.

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