Saturday, September 05, 2009


Another Larger than Life seen along Route 66 in Missouri, is the Giant Dripping Noen Faucet, located on the North Outer Road, west of St. James, exit 195 from I-44 Eastbound.
PG13 - Parents, you might wish to tell the kids to leave the room, NOW. The above photo is just a Giant Bowling Pin, but the next photo will be shocking because right next to the Bowling Pin is the sign "ADULT Superstore". If you really want to show the kids the Giant Bowling Pin, before getting off at exit 153 in Buckhorn (how appropriate for the town with such name for this exit) from I-44, make the kids put on their blindfolds and park the car in an angle where they could only see the Giant Bowling Pin and not the Adult Superstore sign. Good luck!

At this exit (you would not need to know what exit #, would you?), one side of the highway with a display that reads, "Exotic Dancers. Adult Store, Dancers Start at 11am" while the other side of the highway a sign (below) that preached "Pornography Pollutes Body - Soul - Mind". I often wonder who patronize these lounges and stores. My husband said they target mostly truckers and lonely travelers looking for entertainment. I understand that most of the towns don't have ordinances that could prevent these businesses from operating in their community but I am sure the town people don't care much to be associated with these "fine" establishments. If I lived in Buckhorn, I would not be thrilled to see signs such as the above whenever I get off the exit driving home.

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