Saturday, September 26, 2009


During our trip to Michigan last August, we stopped at a really nice rest stop near Elhart, Illinois. The lady at the counter was very friendly and she provided us helpful information about Route 66. I especially enjoyed the above display of historical artifacts from people who travelled the Mother Road during her glorious days.

Below is Bill Shea's Historic 66 Museum, a private museum that filled to the rim collections of Route 66 memorabilia. When we stopped by, Mr. Shea was eager to give us a tour and if we had time, we could spend a whole week listening to stories and looking at the jackets as proof of his working years, first with Texaco and then Marathon, after serving the country in World War II. We got permission to take pictures of old gas pumps, signs and products that were used to be sold in by-gone gas stations. There was even an old telephone booth with a rotating phone that is in working condition.
Benjamin tried to keep smiling even though he was so hungry when we came upon this abandoned Route 66 Cafe (above). Photo below shows Benjamin impersonated Gomer Pyle, pretending to be pumping gas like the character Gomer working at Willie's Gas Station in the Andy Griffith Show.
T-bird at the crossroads of historic Route 66.

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