Friday, September 18, 2009


Below - "Big White Gloves, Big Four Wheels" by Jim Dine, American artist. Pinocchio welcomes visitors to Citygarden.

This will be the first post of "St. Louis Friday" series and I thought a post about Citygarden would be most appropriate as this new sculpture park right in downtown St. Louis has become a major new destination attraction. Opened in June of this year, the two block sculpture garden has received praises from "experts" as well as regular people around the country. This urban public park is completely open, accessible and fun for the whole family. The adults enjoy the sculptures, the lush landscape, reflecting pools or a drink at a cafe while the kids having fun climbing up the Two Rabbits or getting wet on a hot day running thru "the sprays from the water leapt six feet into the air from 102 nozzles implanted in a paved plaza" (Commerce Magazine).
Above is "Zenit" by Mimmo Paladino, Italian artist.
Below is "Tai Chi Single Whip" by Ju Ming, Taiwanese artist.

I thought of my nephew, JL and a great time we would have if I could take him to Citygarden and all other fun places. I plan to put together to send to JL another "picture book" of Benjamin and what is happening in St. Louis.
The garden has drawn steady crowd of tourists, art fans, office workers, loft dwellers and many others who wanted to experience a relaxing and peaceful moments in a Citygarden.
The best of it all is no admission fees and no specific schedule (hours of operation) to follow.

More about Citygarden in future St. Louis Friday posts. Visit or call 314-802-9571 for an audio tour.

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