Wednesday, September 23, 2009


During my visit to NYC last May, my sister treated me to a great breakfast at The Usual Restaurant on Vanderbilt Avenue (Park & Prospect) in Park Slope. Like me, CH does not cook, especially just for herself. She told me that she enjoys breakfast and it is a treat when she has someone to share the meal with. The day before (May 6th) we spent a wonderful afternoon at Brooklyn Botanical Garden and in the evening we went into the City for a nice dinner at a BBQ place near Union Square.
As we walked into The Usual, with all the posters and decorations on the wall, the first and only thing that caught my eyes was the plaque below "The Canadiens Club". I asked the person who greeted us , "Who is the Habs fan here?". The next hour, while enjoying my two eggs over easy, harsh brown, ham and toast, I had one of the most exciting discussions about hockey with Mike, the owner of The Usual, while my sister being so understanding, sat quietly eating her breakfast. He is originally from Montreal, of course, and a few years ago purchased this restaurant with his brothers. I told Mike about my goals of seeing all the Original Six home games, about my trip to the Hockey Hall of Fame in Toronto and about my sports blog called Short-handed Goal. We felt so connected when Mike told the story about his father made all the kids promise that they would never let go of the Montreal Canadiens season tickets priviledge. I treasure this encounter and was glad to meet a truly hockey fan from Montreal.

When we were ready to leave, Mike told us to wait. He went to his office and came back with a Canadiens cap as a gift to me. That was so sweet and thoughtful. Mike, if you happen to read this, "I am wearing the hat, but only when the Habs are not playing against my Red Wings" haa haa !!!

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