Monday, February 01, 2010


I decided not to go out on Saturday. The book sale at the library and getting new pillows were not high on my to-do list when it is freezing outside. My husband cleaned the snow off my car and offered to get it warmed up. (Before anyone wishes to give CP "Husband of the Year" award, don't! CP only made the offer out of guilt since his precious T-bird, his work benches and all the tools Craftman ever made, took up the entire garage. There was no room for my car and it has to be out in the driveway.) I spent the day re-organized all the 100+ CDs, into separate categories of photos taken from our trips on Route 66, visits to New York, Vacations/Cruises, around St. Louis, Sports/Hockey/Football, and Mics.
It was a glorious trip and we had so much fun that I love looking at photos we took during the Mediterranean Cruise and 3 days in Rome, in 2008 for our 19th wedding anniversary celebration. We did throw the coins backward over our shoulders into the Fontana di Trevi to ensure that we would visit Rome again. I would love to be in Rome at least a whole month, just to walk around, spending a whole afternoon at a piazza, staring at the Colosseum for hours and soaking in the wonders of this accient city.
From our private balcony, we were able to take great photos, such as the above image when the ship approached the port of Valletta in Malta.
Below - A sign in Tunisia showing the words "A bientot" with the carrot top over the letter "O", similar to one of diacritical marks in the Vietnamese language.

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