Monday, April 25, 2011


We had a wonderful Easter despite the threat of severe weather, the gloomy sky and the heavy rain. On Saturday morning (April 23rd), my husband drove to the local Polish grocery in downtown St. Louis to get the traditional kielbasa (Polish sausage). There is still a small Polish community there but the area is not a desirable neighborhood. To ease my worry, CP told me not to worry because "the bad guys are still sleeping and not causing any trouble so early in the morning"!
After CP safely home, we enjoyed breakfast that included eggs, a slice of the kielbasa and the babka (the traditional Polish Easter sweet bread that has raisin and fruit). We spent the day relaxing, eating and taking nap (and watching Stanley Cup playoffs games). We decided to attend 7:30 a.m. Mass on Sunday (April 24th) so we could get "good seats" and don't have to stand because at later Masses would be crowded with those "once-a-year" churchgoers.

We again spent Easter Sunday relaxing, eating and taking nap (and watching more Stanley Cup playoffs games).

A few weeks ago we noticed a bird nest was being built under the roof of our front porch. (There was no eggs when Qaptain Qwerty was here.) I was able to take a photo of the eggs (four beautiful blue shells) while my husband held up the mirror (one of his tools for checking under the cars). Yesterday we found out (while the mother was elsewhere getting food, i.e. worms) there were two little robins and two eggs that have not yet been hatched (bottom photo).

Because the nest is in the front porch, every time when we go out or get back into the house, the silly robin (I named her April) would fly away to the tree next to the garage (top photo). Lately she made lot of noise while flying away, like saying, "You hockey maniac, don't you dare touching my children."

My husband said he heard April yelled at her husband (George) for building the nest where too much traffic. George responded that the reason he chose our front porch because there are two cool cars, the T-bird and the Mustang!

"Feed me, feed me, I am hungry", the little robins screaming for more worms. Would you like to name these babies?

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